Welcome on the support page of Teamy©

Teamy© is a system for running, calculating and presenting results of team's events. It is supposed that data comes from Bridgemates. Using other sources of data is under developement.
Modular architecture allows use of the system for many types of events including (but not restricted to):

  •  counting results in imps, imps+VP or BAM
  •  with programable order of tie-breaking methods
  •  club teams
  •  league
  •  play-offs
  •  championships with many series (open, ladies, seniors...) runing simultaneously
  •  danish or swiss teams
  •  in any case tables can be spread over cities, countries and continents
 E-mail Jan RomaƄski to obtain detailed information on purchasing Teamy.

 Download latest version (
 Before you get official Registration Code use 0000-0000000000 during installation.
 With this code Teamy will be fully functional, but restricted to events, where
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